For Onkyo network receiver and audio products released during 2009 - 2016, please install "Onkyo Remote 3" iOS App.

This App support all models of "Onkyo Remote" and "Onkyo Remote 2".

"Onkyo Remote 3" at App Store:

Supported models:

TX-NA807, TX-NA1007, TX-NA5007,
TX-NR636, TX-NR626, TX-NR727, TX-NR929,
BASE-V50, BASE-SW50, NR-365, CR-N755/765, TX-NR515,
TX-NR616, TX-NR717, TX-NR818, TX-NR1010, TX-NR5010,
TX-NA579, TX-NA609, TX-NA709, TX-NA809,
TX-NA1009, TX-NA5009, PR-SC5509,
TX-8050, T-4070, TX-NA708, TX-NA808,
TX-NA1008, TX-NA5008, PR-SC5508

For Onkyo network receiver and audio product released after 2016, please install "Onkyo Controller" iOS App.

"Onkyo Controller" at App Store: